JimGump and the JimGump Project

One man (and often his dog too). Endless days of amazing outdoors-active adventures, energetic school visits and storytelling. No ‘day off’. Ever. On a mission to inspire a generation.

The JimGump project is a physical and educational challenge adventure, combining daily physical outdoor activity with visits to schools and other groups/clubs to inspire children to be more active.

‘JimGump’ is Jim Plunkett-Cole, with the pseudonym “Gump” being a gentle nod to the famous fictional film character, Forrest Gump. (Jim undertakes ‘Gump-like’ challenges and has very ‘Gump-like’ adventures).

Jim never takes a day’s rest. Never takes a break. Jim always completes his challenges and the JimGump project is and will be no exception.

About JimGump

mendips with flow

Jim with running companion Flow on the Mendip Hills