JimGump and the JimGump Project

One man (and often his dog too). Endless days of amazing outdoors-active adventures, energetic school visits and storytelling. No ‘day off’. Ever. On a mission to inspire a generation.

The JimGump project is a physical and educational challenge adventure, combining daily physical outdoor activity with visits to schools and other groups/clubs to inspire children to be more active.

‘JimGump’ is Jim Plunkett-Cole, with the pseudonym “Gump” being a gentle nod to the famous fictional film character, Forrest Gump. (Jim undertakes ‘Gump-like’ challenges and has very ‘Gump-like’ adventures).

Jim never takes a day’s rest. Never takes a break. Jim always completes his challenges and the JimGump project is and will be no exception.

The next chapter in the JimGump project is “Jim and Flow’s Amazing Equator Adventure”.  An interactive physical and educational challenge for primary school children.

Starting from the Royal Observatory in Greenwich in July 2018, Jim and his dog – Flow – will attempt to run the equator distance in their lifetimes together as companions.

951 cities and 195 countries lying across the 360 longitudinal meridians around the world and 25, 000 miles of adventure.  Running on average 7 miles per day, reaching a new meridian every 10 days for 10 years.  Exploring each city and country virtually as they go.  Exploring the culture, people and wildlife virtually as they go.

Encouraging children into a lifetime of daily activity by joining in with their own equator adventure, virtually circumnavigating the globe themselves as they go.

A unique, inclusive adventure the like of which the world has never seen before.

About JimGump

mendips with flow

Jim with running companion Flow on the Mendip Hills