About JimGump

One man (and often his dog too).  Endless days of amazing outdoors-active adventures and awesome school visits and challenges.  No ‘day off’.  Ever. 

On a mission to inspire a generation into a lifetime of daily physical activity.

The award-winning JimGump project is a unique and amazing physical and educational challenge adventure, combining daily physical outdoors activity (with no day of rest), and visits to schools and other groups/clubs to inspire children to be more active.

‘JimGump’ is Jim Plunkett-Cole, with the pseudonym “Gump” being a gentle nod to the famous fictional film character, Forrest Gump.  (Jim undertakes ‘Gump-like’ challenges and has very ‘Gump-like’ adventures and is, on the whole, a bit of a Gump-like character).

Inspired by the London 2012 Olympics, the JimGump project started on January 1st 2013 with Jim trying to run a minimum of 10K a day for the year (6.21 miles and always outdoors), with his dog Alf. Since that time Jim’s MINIMAL daily physical activity has been a 10K outdoors run each day, with no day missed, and often running far more than the 10K minimum (including marathons and ultra-marathons).

Sometimes, Jim adds on other daily activities in addition to the 10K run, such as swimming and/or cycling. (Jim completed a triathlon every day for the whole of 2015 – 750m swim minimum, 20K cycle minimum and 10K run minimum – each day for 365 days).

Along the way, Jim visits schools (and other groups and clubs), telling wonderful stories of his experiences of running every day for more than seven years – in the UK and in the USA – and of amazing encounters with nature and wildlife (and people).

Jim has also established the ‘Kx365 Challenge’ for children and adults (and entire schools and families) to challenge themselves into being more active every day for a year – please visit kx365.org for more information.

As well as the daily physical activity and school visits, and without substantial funding / sponsorship, Jim has also worked on a ‘day job’ throughout the project. (Jim runs his own business as a professional analyst and economist – Smart Growth).

The amazing JimGump adventure so far

  • Over 100 amazing educational visits reaching and inspiring over 25,000 children
  • Running an average of 10 miles a day since 1st January 2013 to the present day with no day missed of a 10K minimum (6.21 miles)
  • Completing 24,000 miles of continuous daily running for 2,500 days and still going strong
  • Completed a 10,000 mile “Forrest Gump” run (6000 miles in the US and 4000 miles in the UK) averaging 16 miles a day for 616 days
  • Completed a triathlon every single day for the whole of 2015, comprising a 750m swim, 20k cycle and 10k run (for 365 consecutive days)
  • Covered 20,000 miles accompanied by his dogs through the country-side
  • 1,500 adults joined in with the Kx365 daily active challenge,  with entire schools and families now taking up the challenge

In July 2018, Jim is starting his next physical and educational challenge. Titled ‘Jim & Flow’s Amazing Equator Adventure’, the challenge will see Jim and dog, Flow, attempt to run the 25,000 miles of the equator together in their lifetimes as running companions.

Whilst obviously a ‘virtual run’ (as most of the equator is covered by water), the challenge requires running an average of 7 miles a day together for 10 years (3,650 days)!

The Equator Adventure has been specifically designed to engage with children of primary school age, who can follow and learn about Jim and Flow’s progress as they
cross the world’s 360 lines of longitude, discovering the countries and seas and oceans as they go (and what lies within).

During the adventure, Jim will continue to visit schools, and challenge schools to be more active, across the UK (and possibly around the world through ‘virtual school visits’).

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Run Jim!!!

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