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inov-8 photo at Vallis

You can support Jim’s endeavours to enhance the lives of thousands of children through daily activity by making a donation either directly via Paypal or via his crowd-funding page at Pledgesports.

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In January 2013, inspired by the 2012 London Olumpics, Jim Plunkett-Cole set himself the challenge of running 10k a day for 365 days… and he has not missed one day of running at least 10k a day since!

In 2014, he set up the “Active Every Day” Kx365 Challenge Initiative to encourage adults into more physical activity and healthier lifestyles, supporting and motivating each other via social media.  Now in its 3rd year, Kx365 has over 1000 registered participants and has changed the lives of many.

In 2015, he challenged himself to complete a triathlon every day – swimming 750m, cycling 40km and running 10k.  365 days, 365 triathlons!

In short, Jim completes his challenges.. and the JimGump Challenge will be no exception.  Continuing to run, every day, for a full 7 years and 30, 000 miles… which may be the longest ever recorded consecutive run in history.

Jim sees that running has brought him immense physical and mental benefits, re-engaging him with the simple pleasure of life outside, reconnecting him with the seasons and the world about him.  He wants to share all this with our youngest generations, inspiring them into enjoying activity and becoming healthy, vital adults.

The JimGumpChallenge is not about breaking or making records.  It is not about running for immense and amazing distances a day, nor running for speed.  It is about running for the joy of running.  It is about demonstrating that the same joy can be had by every single child, if they are simply encouraged to take the first step.