Introducing JimGump

One Man.  Thirty Thousand Miles.  Seven Years.

Britain’s Jim Plunkett-Cole is 18,000 miles into an incredible running adventure.  Not having missed a day of running since January 2013,  Jim is on a mission to inspire millions of children into daily activity and healthy lifestyles.   He does not intend to stop running an average of 17 miles a day until January 1st 2020, visiting schools in the UK and the US (and across the world) to encourage our youngest generation with magnificent story-telling and feats of endurance and perseverance.

Having run 10,000 miles over the preceding years and months, in October 2016 Jim travelled to the United States of America, and ran through Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Colorado and California, clocking up 6000 running miles while visiting schools in each state.  Nord Anglia Education’s (NAE) 4 week sponsorship of Jim’s amazing journey took him to a further 6 US states, including Texas, Illinois, New York, Massachusetts, Washington, D.C., North Carolina and Florida, in January and February 2017… inspiring students to Be Ambitious!

Since his return to the UK, Jim has run a further 2000 miles and will continue to run every day, gathering stories and inspiration from the countryside and chance meetings to weave enchanting stories for the children at the schools he visits.  See here for a write-up of a recent school visit in Derbyshire.

This is the JimGump Challenge.

An educational challenge adventure of 30,000 miles of running across the UK and the USA for more than 7 years without a day of rest (averaging 12 miles a day over 2500 days), including a triathlon every day for a year in 2015.

Visiting schools along the way with an inspiring Talk and Run Visit and associated Kx365 Daily Active School / Family Challenge to inspire activity and ambition amongst our children from an early age and for life.

In the USA, Jim participated in Mediaplanet’s Childhood Wellness campaign where he united with likeminded industry leaders to stress to parents the vital role they play in ensuring that their children are exposed to regular physical activity, well-balanced meals and overall healthy life style choices while also raising awareness for childhood hunger in our country. The campaign was distributed through USA TODAY on December 30th 2016 and is published online. For the full campaign, visit:

The Washington Post caught up with Jim just before he began his run from Mobile, Alabama, to write about the man who is to “run 20, 000 miles in three years to fight childhood obesity.”  Several months later, Jim featured in the paper again after having created an impressive Strava tribute in San Francisco for the Warriors basketball team who won the NBA championships 2017.

In November, Jim began his series of school visits in Houston, Texas. Here’s what the Katy News had to say about his visit to British International School, Houston.

And here’s what the British International School had to say themselves!

Local TV Station CW39 also seized the opportunity to interview Jim.

While running through San Antonio, it was the turn of Fox29News to catch up with Jim after he picked up a rather unusual running companion (be sure to watch the media clip to see who that is!)

Read the story before-it-all-began in this fantastic blog post by inov-8.

Jim racing

Jim racing on the Mendip Hills


The JimGump Challenge In Short

An epic challenge to reach, engage with, and inspire a generation
20,000 miles of running
Over 3 years, 2 months, 14 days, 16 hours
Hundreds of Talk & Run Educational Visits to children along the way
Inspiring tens of thousands of children into healthy lifestyles
Introducing the Kx365 initiative to families and schools

Help to Get JimGump Moving by visiting the JimGump Crowdfunding Page at PledgeSports


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